The Hawks We Fly

The hawks we employ are fully trained and require constant exercise and 'flying'. We use a range of birds as listed below to tackle different pest bird species in different situations.

Lanner Falcon (falco biarmicus)
Harris Hawk

The smaller cousin to the peregrine falcon, an African species but a much more versatile all-rounder. The lanner is a true longwing but can be flown in slightly more enclosed areas than a peregrine, is easier to handle and a more reliable bird control falcon.

Our lanner falcons are flown at feral pigeons and seagulls in a number of locations such as football stadiums, landfill sites, vineyards, retail parks and large industrial areas.

The lanner falcon will gain height above the avian pest present and simply on the falcons presence, the pest birds will scatter. These falcons have been shown to be most effective scaring urban seagulls from gathering on warehouse rooftops.