Appearance on TV's "How Do They Do It?"

Appearance on Channel 5 & Discovery Channel series "How Do They Do It?" co produced by WAG TV and Rocket Surgeons Productions, forms part of the series exploring the methods and ways that day to day objects and procedures are made and carried out.

The episode featured Effective Bird Control's method of tackling pigeon guano and bird spike application techniques. Operations Manager Denzil Barret was on hand to guide the shows presenter Robert Llewellyn (best known as Kryton in Red Dwarf) the techniques used in pigeon guano clearance and bird spike application

Filmed on location at an East London primary school. The series was screened on Channel 5 on Monday 21st April 2010 at 7:30pm

How Do They Do It?

EDF Energy

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Bird Flu

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Bird Guano Damage

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