Project: Clearance of loft insulation and large build up of pigeon guano from a large school loft.

Brief: To clear, disinfect, to remove all pigeon guano from loft area above school classrooms out of hours, with restricted access and to dispose of guano off site to a licenced waste disposal site.

Duration of works: 1 Week to completion.

Location: Barking, London.

1. During London School cleanup operation.

2. After London School cleanup operation.


Large build up of guano being removed by operative

Operative scraping pigeon guano in full ppe


Project: Fit anti roost pin wire with Cherry Picker.

Brief: To supply and fit 1882 mtrs of Anti roost pin wire and 316 mtrs of Pin guard to a large East london school with the use of a 22mtr cherry picker. Entire building to be proofed on clients wishes.

Location: East London, United Kingdom.

A useful piece of machinery

Fitting pin wire above window arches, a popular roost for Feral pigeons

Cherry picker at the limits of its reach

Project completed on our way home