Trapping/Flock reduction

Our Trapping programmes are highly succesfull in thinning out Large flocks and roosts of Feral pigeons. Applied in a variety of locations such as Industrial areas, Factories, Rooftops, stadiums and Town centres, in fact most areas that hold an increasing number of Feral pigeons.

Feral pigeon traps are checked daily and placed in unobtrusive locations, food and water is placed inside the trap for the Pigeons welfare, The trap is emptied regularly and pigeons are then removed off site and culled humanely, or to the clients instructions. Afull weekly Bird control report is issued to the client as well as photographic evidence of Feral pigeons inside the trap.

Teamed with the flying of a Hawk this is a service that is unequalled in terms of Effective long term pigeon control.

Feral pigeons are placed in Vari kennels and removed off site humanely.

Feral pigeon cage trap in operation, Traps checked daily and pigeons removed off site.

Hawks and falcons can prove the ultimate Pigeon prevention method when teamed with our budget Trapping programmes.